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27th Nov 86
just a simple And pleasant girl
don't wants be complicated,be real =)


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Monday, August 23, 2010

Change my blog to tumblr. All my friends please follow this http://serenejs.tumblr.com for my blog post. Will be closing down this current blog.

1:19 pm

Monday, May 03, 2010

yesterday watch two movies lolx...Ip Man 2 and Iron Man 2.

Ip Man 2 was fantastic, hehe...is a nice movie to watch.

Iron Man 2 was not bad but i felt that some parts abit boring...

First time watch two movies in one day lolx...
Me and baby also went to the marina bay sands to take a look...
The place is nice and a good spot to take pictures.
Took lots of pictures hahaz...will upload it next time in facebook.
I saw a long queue to go into the casino but i didn't went in coz singaporean need to pay $100 lehz...so expensive to go in but quite surprise there is still alot of people going in...
Waiting for all of the things to be open...was quite interested in going to the rooftop garden to see
Not sure wether is it open to public,or have to pay to go up there...
Enjoy my weekends very much...
Today was so silly...i never see that today's lecture was e-learning and end up waking up early at 6.30am
prepare everthing and going to go out then my friend message me that today was e-learning...
If not i can sleep abit longer lolx...haiz so end up blogging now

8:39 am

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a recap of how i spend my weekends...

24th Apr 2010 Saturday

Went to baby house...played playstation with him. The big planet was a nice game to play and somemore still can customize the character. so kawaii!!! It also need some thinking in order to pass the level hahaz...so fun to play with baby! After that, had our dinner at his house...watch soccer match with him. Actually, soccer can be interesting too if you understand how they played...it really requires teamwork to get to the goal...was so thrilling when the ball wants to get into the goal but never...felt so disappointed and also nervous...just hope that they can get in hehe...When they finally get into the goal, i was so happy...see how their hard work really paid off...this feeling is amazing...Last time i felt soccer not so nice to watch but now it change my view...
25th Apr 2010 Sunday

Go to jurong point with baby to buy ingredients to cook kimchi steamboat at night with my sister. After that, had a milk tea at toastbox...i just love their milk tea, is so nice =) Went home after that to prepare for the steamboat...overall the kimchi steamboat was a success...is really nice and not that spicy...hehe

Ended my weekends...yesterday when i go out from my house, it rain heavily...so unlucky somehow, i should have gone out earlier lolx...even if you have an umbrella you will still be drenched...hope later when i go out, it won't rain...can't wait for weekends to come...the time now like running very slowly...

9:03 am

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Nowadays i will try to update my blog more often if can lolx...today had first lesson at 9 am and after that had 4 hrs break in between before the last lesson...had discussion on what to do for our project...hmm,need more ideas in case teacher say cannot lolx...have to think real hard...this sem lk many projects needed more brain juice to think. Maybe have to drink pig's brain soup to hav more brain power to think more hahaz...

after our discussion, went to have our lunch at koufu and back to lab for some facebook games. Now, more and more games in facebook...people keep adding me and i have to play so much games Lolx...but some of the games i can say is very interesting. Nothing much today, that's all...Lolx

4:17 pm

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Schools starts...

Today is the second day of school.
Woke up at 5.30am in the morning lucky was not too late but meet shing ee and yu shan later Lolx.
I think next time i should wake up at 5am instead so won't so rush.
My timetable was like back to year 1, everyday so early...argh!
I think this maybe is scedule to let us prepared for the working life hahaz...

Time really flies...now year 3 le, but the stress level has not decrease lolx...tighter schedule and more work. This path was not easy to walk...if not for my baby and my friends and not forgetting my family whom is always there to support me, i would really have given up.
Going to reach my goal le, so can't give up...just do the best for this last year.

To all my friends out there : Don't give up too...jia you and keep going =)

9:50 pm

Saturday, December 26, 2009

24th Dec 2009

Baby work half-day so we went to orchard around noon. Try out the food republic food at 313 shopping mall. The thai food was really nice. After that shop around at 313. Baby wanted to buy chocolate for his boss so we headed to ion to look for chocolate. Bought Royce chocolate. Actually is not that expensive after all, i thought it is,Lolx. Orchard was really pack with people. Luckily we faster go off after that. Go to baby house to eat dinner. Had chicken rice instead of turkey Lolx...

25th Dec 2009

Had a christmas party at my auntie house. Although we are not christian, just wanted a gathering to enjoy this holiday. Me and my cousins played twister. It's my first time playing that, was really a game to stretch yourself,Lolx...Got lots of food to eat and is yummy hehe. After that, we had our exchange present session. We each pick a number to exchange. In the end, got the present from my auntie. I thought is a packet of sweets but in the end got secret treasure inside. I got 20bucks ang pow Lolx...what a surprise!so lucky...

Today, finally revive my blog. Wanted to make a new start for the new year. Hope that next year will be a better year. Later going out with my sisters catherine and sharon to orchard. I think this few days i am like going to town Lolx...

New Year Resolutions 2010
  • Be more independent
  • able to convey how i feel
  • everyone to be happy and healthy
  • work harder and never give up
  • able to overcome any obstacles ahead
  • Being happy always =)

Hope everyone had a great christmas and a fantastic new year.

11:16 am